The CDC is a non-profit organization that provides statistics and analysis to assist authorities in protecting the public health. An entire family of four was discovered dead in a two-room tent with the propane heater still on. Carbon monoxide poisoning was the cause of death.


A father and his young son sleep in their charcoal-heated tent. They remain asleep.

You might die from heat without singeing a hair if you don’t select the proper temperature.

Carbon monoxide is a colorless and odorless gas that is deadly in large doses. It’s the most common cause of fatal poisoning. How can you ensure you or your family isn’t carbon monoxide poisoning’s next victim? If you’re camping or the heat goes off, keep in mind that unless you have a functional chimney, improvised heating may be your greatest hazard.

Electricity’s Out

Carbon Monoxide Sources

Carbon monoxide is a by-product of burning fossil fuels. It includes

Have a functional carbon monoxide monitor on each floor and ensure that your heating systems are checked for leaks on a regular basis to avoid carbon monoxide poisoning from home heating.

  • gas (diesel, gasoline for the car, kerosene, propane)
  • paper
  • candles
  • coal
  • charcoal
  • wood

If you heat any other type of energy than pure electricity, be sure to vent the vapors outside or you risk carbon monoxide poisoning. There must be no leaks in the ventilation system. There are no excuses.

Carbon monoxide poisoning has been attributed to the false sightings of supposedly haunted houses.

Headaches and Hauntings

Symptoms of Carbon Monoxide Poisoning

Headaches, drowsiness, and heart palpitations are just a few examples of flu symptoms that can occur without a fever. For low-dose, long-term exposure, add depression and even hallucinations. Some supposedly haunted homes have been explained by the tenants’ chronic carbon monoxide poisoning and induced delusions.

Get Out

Treatment for Carbon Monoxide Poisoning


Oxygen – if you have a tank, it’s pure oxygen. Most people don’t, so go for some air outside. If needed, call an ambulance and one is on the way.

Frog in a Frying Pan

How Does Carbon Monoxide Poisoning Work?

Carbon monoxide kills by taking the place of oxygen in your red blood cells. It clings to the cell where oxygen should be and refuses to let go. Inhaling carbon dioxide slowly deprives your body of vital oxygen, and you don’t even become short of breath. It’s as if you’re putting a frog into a pan with boiling water. If you gradually increase the temperature, it won’t even realize it’s being cooked to death. With carbon monoxide, you fall asleep but never wake up again.

For the best strategies for releasing, I’m not an expert. I’d appreciate suggestions.

Photo by Mario La Pergola/Unsplash

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