Anxiety can get anybody down, whether you’ve just been through a natural catastrophe or have health, financial, or family difficulties. It might be incapacitating when topped with an uncertain future.

What if you could not go to the doctor or therapist when your anxiety becomes too severe? What alternative therapies exist for when you can’t reach a physician or counselor?

If you’re under a lot of stress right now, you might want to try a few out so you’ll know what works best in the future. Of course, always talk to your doctor since none of these can substitute for professional medical care.

Good Anxiety Is Still Anxiety

Knowing this first, realize that stress is stress from the vantage point of your mind. The brain sees it all the same whether your anxiety is caused by anticipation of your family’s arrival or the aftereffects of a disaster. It prepares you for fight-or-flight response by activating your body’s energy. Your muscles tense up, and your heart rate increases.

In moderation, however, that extra energy might be just what you need to get ready for the holidays or flee from a wild animal, as well as assist you in going through a hurricane or storm. The surge in energy, on the other hand, is supposed to be fleeting. In most contemporary situations, it simply worn me down.

Whether it’s good stress or bad stress, it all adds up. You can’t sleep because you’re exhausted; your temper gets shorter. Worse, this sort of tension depletes your immune system and raises bodily inflammation (which causes all kinds of problems).

Photo by Meghan Hessler/Unsplash

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