Anxiety can get you down, whether it’s because you survived a natural disaster, have health or financial concerns, are dealing with family difficulties, or simply want to know what the future holds. It can be downright devastating when topped off with an uncertain future.

What if the situation deteriorates to a point where you’re unable to go to a doctor or therapist? What natural anxiety remedies are there if you can’t reach out for help?

If you’re feeling under pressure now, you might want to give a couple a try to see what works best for you in the future. Of course, nothing can replace the advice of your doctor since none of these is meant to take the place of expert medical treatment.

Good Anxiety Is Still Anxiety

It’s also crucial to understand that, from a mental standpoint, stress is simply another form of stress. From the brain’s perspective, no matter if it’s due to the arrival of your family or the consequences of an emergency, it’s all the same. It activates your body’s energy reserves in order for you to ready yourself for battle or flight. Your muscles tighten, your heart rate increases.

In moderation, though, the excess energy might just be what you need to get ready for the holidays or flee from a wild animal, survive a hurricane or tornado, or accomplish other tasks. However, the surge in energy is only meant to be temporary. In most modern-day situations, all it does is tire you out.

It all adds up, whether it’s good stress or bad stress. You can’t sleep; you’re exhausted; and your mood deteriorates. Worse still, this sort of tension degrades your immunity and causes body inflammation (which causes a variety of problems), as well as lowering your immune system.

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